ITAGE Corporation
Reqruitment Information
Hiring Conditions Job Description Enterprise Software Development & Sales
Product Development
Package Software Development & Sales
Infrastructure Maintenance Service
IT Asset Consulting
Qualifications New Graduates University, Two-year College, Technical College, Highschool
※Highly motivated and earnest.
※Regardless of nationality. (Those who are fluent in English or Chinese are most welcome.)
Job Listings Specialist
(System Consultant, System Planner,
System Engineer, Programmer)
General Staff
(Sales, Assitant, General Affairs, Accounting)
Applicable Departments SI Dept. ES Dept. TS Dept. FA Dept. BS Dept.
Sales Dept.
Work Hours 9:00-18:00
Lunch Break 60min. (12:00-13:00)
Flexible hours (Core hours 10:00-15:00)
Weekends/Holidays Complete five-day workweek system
(Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays, year-end & New Year, Summer Vacation, Congratulation or Condolence leave, Maternity leave, etc.)
Benefits Family Allowance, Qualification Allowance, Overtime Payment, Commutation Allowance
Pay Raise Once a year (April)
Bonus Twice a year (Jun 20, Dec 20)
Work Location Nagoya Headquarters, Nagoya-shi or outlying cities
Tokyo Branch Office, Tokyo
Insurance Social Insurance (Health Insurance, Employee's Pension, Employment Insurance, Workman's Compensation)
Hiring Process Screening Process New Graduates
Applicant screening, Interviews (two times)
Documents to be Submitted New Graduates
Resume(with ID photo), Academic Transcript
Graduation Letter