BS(Business Solution) Dept.


I will provide an optimal solution
by making use of my experience in industrial systems.

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Your IT Solution Partner

Your Agent

Improve your IT resources such as time, costs and skills.

Your Direction

Provide insights on recent trends and latest technologies.

Your Solution

Examine the best practice and know-how
and propose ASIS-TOBE based on your demands.

With our technology, we can provide multilateral support.


  • We will assign our SEs and PGs accordingly for requirement definition,
    basic design, program design, production, tests, etc.
  • Our experienced engineers can assist you with ERP, software application,
    and customization or add-on for a specific package software.
  • Maintain and/or improve your application for mission-critical systems
    to ensure your ongoing business.
  • Provide maintenance and operational support for
    your system infrastructure(server, network, database, etc.)


  • We can dispatch our PMs/PLs with broad experience and expertise to successfully carry out
    your development projects. We can also provide cross-sectional support by forming a PMO.


  • We create system proposals and RFP under the requirements of the end users.
    We also conduct BPR and feasibility studies.
  • We create RFP responses for system vendors to use them for proposals.
    We also provide services for system design.
  • As a vendor neutral, we can help you make the best product decisions and
    support you with fit/gap for package products and ERP.
    We can also provide services for specific package products.