ITAGE Corporation
SI(System Integration) Dept.

Assistant Manager, SI Dept.

I will continue to be a knowledgeable
and reliable professional.
By making use of my substantial on-site experience,
I will provide a better solution.

Cycling, Fishing

A Knowledgeable Professional


We deliver any requirements including system development, maintenance and operation.

Pursuit of the Best System

We cultivate a close relationship with our customers, understand their know-how, conduct on-site analyses, thorough requirement definition and propose improvements to develop a user-friendly system.
We provide services for various devices:
PCs, smart phones, tablets, wearable devices, etc.

Consistent Service

A stable system requires a robust platform. Our specialists will select and install the optimal hardware, operating system and middleware.

Your Long-term Partner

Our development teams are equipped with high-technology, know-how, and experience with a productive training system and high integrity standards. We will provide a suitable and useful application with robust security and hope to become your long-term partner.


   Big Data

In-vehicle devices send traffic information(big data)
via cloud where they will be stored, processed and delivered.
The use of traffic information(big data) will
potentially attract new business.

Multiple Devices

      Taxi Dispatch System

Taxi dispatch system using Android devices.
Reducing time to dispatch taxies result in
increasing customers and efficiency.

     Process Management System

Adopt iPod/iPad devices for automobile inspections
to visualize reservations, results, progress management
and furthermore promote a paperless environment.

iBeacon Sales Support System

           (trial edition)

Implement iPhones/iPads at car dealerships
to support product promotion and sales deals.
Achieve advanced sales technique by automatically
transmitting information by approaching the vehicle.