FA(Factory Automation) Dept.

Manager, FA Dept.

I have over twenty years of experience
in FA and logistics.
"He that would know what shall be,
must consider what has been."
I will make full use of my experiences
to provide a better system.

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Accurate Inventory Management with WMS


We provide the following solutions
for factories and warehouses.

"Automated Transportation System"
"Measurement System"
"Monitoring Control System"

About Us

Our engineers consist of a wide range of generations.
We are equipped with currently used OS/2 machines to the latest OS in order to deal with diverse projects.

We also handle migration of old languages such as C or VB6 to the latest languages.
Traditionally, our senior associates support and train the junior members.
With our broad knowledge, we can respond to customer requirements flexibly and efficiently.

Automated Transportation System

Accomplish unmanned factories and decrease energy consumption
by working in close cooperation with domestic and overseas distribution bases
and efficiently transport materials and information.
By utilizing automated warehousing and automatic guided equipments,
we will provide automated logistics.
Also increase storage efficiency and improve traceability.

Measurement System

The essential feature of measurement systems is automatic quantification.
Measurement systems help reduce human error and improve work efficiency.
The recent trend in the FA industry is to manage quantified values
as KPI/KGI properties and use them for quality guaranty and
environmental compatibility.

Monitoring Control System

We develop computer systems to support production lines
including line automation operated by robots and other equipments.
Using a monitoring system to grasp the current situation and
apply controls accordingly, will greatly reduce power consumption
and acheive unmanned factories.
Also, data cooperation with CAD/CAM will enable
total automation of production.

Are you satisfied with your current inventory management system? ~ITAGE WMS Template~

Our biggest challenge is to increase distribution efficiency under this severe economic environment.
We need to develop a consistent system that integrates information from storage to retrieval.

⇒We can provide a solution for your requirements with our WMS development template.
  • Inconsistent inventory
  • Stock shortage
  • Unable to locate shipment products.
  • Lose the gap between logical stock and spot stock by cooperating warehouse and material handling equipments.
    Coordinate inventory information to the upper system seamlessly and derive the best requirement plan.
  • Issue accurate dispatch instructions by cooperating inventory management with product configuration specified in Bill of Materials.
  • Articles are conveyed to predefined locations read from RFID tags which are applyed during the inspection and entering process.
    Accurately locate articles to prevent dispatch and delivery errors and enforce total FIFO.

WMS ~Example~