TS(Technical Solution) Dept.

Deputy Manager, TS Dept.

【Information Processing Qualifications】
Project Manager
System Audit Engineer
Embedded Systems

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Generate "Additional Value"


We provide software solutions mainly for auto parts and machine tools manufacturers. Our services include control systems development, in-house software proposals and consultation on function and process improvement. We specialize in robot control software development and graphics peripheral technology for embedded devices.

About Us

We are proud of our engineers. Our members are very ambitious and we frequently conduct study sessions to further enhance our technology. Our engineers are highly competent in their respective specialized fields in contrast to "all-arounders". In my opinion, I prefer those who pursue their specialty and acquire high skills rather than all-arounders. By collaborating our technologies, we can be all-arounders as a team.

Our Future Vision

We value the following.

・Fulfill customer requirements.
・Provide "additional value" to our customers.

In general, commissioned development requirements are often predetermined in detail leaving little room for additional value. Our challenges are to exceed customers' expectations by taking advantage of our accumulated knowledge and solutions.

Graphics Solution for Embedded Devices

  GPU Solution

 ・GPU software solutions mainly for in-vehicle infotainment.
 ・Software development for machine tools, home appliances, etc.

 From applications to device drivers,

   we provide solutions for a wide range of products.

Automated Configuration Management System

 Visualize Product Quality in Remote Locations

 ・Process automation by using open source tools
  such as Jenkins, git, etc.
 ・Grasp the situation of remote locations real-time.
 ・Conduct automated tests and static analyses.

We can help improve quality and production efficiency.

MBD(Model Based Development)

    How to Benefit from MBD and Tracing

Model-based languages such as Simlink is just one of several programming languages.
There is a limit to what you can benefit from just altering the language.
・Is your structure design best suited for model-based language?
・Is your development process best suited for model-based language?
・Does your requirement take into account the development process?
・Is your configuration management(version, baseline, etc.) prepared?

       Our consultants can help you

  benefit from Model Based Development.

Integrate Embedded Software and GUI Design

   Embedded software, GUI design, etc.

 Do you place orders to multiple companies?

Companies specializing in software development for embedded devices
  are often weak in GUI design.
   We are capable of delivering both.

    Together, let's create

  rich GUI!