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ES(Engineering Solution) Dept.

The Next Generation of Engineering


We provide products and solutions for manufacturing and logistics industries. By selecting and customizing the optimal tool, we will deliver substantial results such as speeding up the design phase, reducing man-hours, and improving product quality.

About Us

Virtual simulation will accelerate the PDCA cycle of problem-solving and enable visualization of problems early in the project.
Our solutions include the following.
 ・Visualize and share ideas with 3D modeling.
 ・Advance performance validation with 3D simulation.
 ・Connnect control programs with 3D models and verify quality and operation.
We can generate numerical results of complicated flow.
Work seamlessly with your current workflow and enable further verification of the best design.


I will fulfill users' expectations by making full use of my experience of information system development.
In order to accelerate time-to-market, it is imperative to improve performance, quality and development efficiency.
Don't be satisfied with your current situation and take the first step with us to a better solution!

Continue to Change

Engineering methods continue to change in order to adapt to the changing environment.
The development of new tools change engineering itself.
Nowadays, concepts and ideas can easily be vizualized before committing to physical production.

By combining our core products "Demo3D2"(virtual simulation tool) and "Autodesk Factory Design Suite"(digital factory solution),
let's acheive flexible engineering!

Deputy Manager, ES Dept.

I derive inspiration from day-to-day efforts and provide the best solution for our customers.

Coming up with new ideas.

GL, Sales Promotion Group, ES Dept.

I gain a great deal of experience thanks to our customers.